What’s the difference between an oil burner and an electric diffuser?

Ceramic oil burner:

An oil burner has a bowl where you place the water and add your drops of essential oil. The water and essential oil are gently heated by a small tea light candle that is placed under the bowl.

Positives: oil burners are cheap, easy to find and they produce an excellent aroma. They are portable, robust and don’t break, and can be used pretty much anywhere that is safe (ie not a fire hazard and out of reach of children and pets).

Negatives: oil burners require a lit candle, which means you’ll have a naked flame in your home and that means there is a fire risk. Also, oil burners create an aroma by heating the essential oil, which changes the composition of the oil slightly and you don’t get as pure an aroma as when you inhale the oil in its natural room temperature state. The heat from the candle flame obviously heats the bowl with the water and oil which means there is a risk of being burnt – be careful not to touch the bowl or spill the contents!

Electric oil diffuser:

An electric oil diffuser has a small compartment where the water is placed and a few drops of oil are added. The particles are diffused into the air through a variety of means (depending on the type you use – vibration or humidification).

Positives: electric oil diffusers don’t require heat to release the fragrance which means you get a higher quality aroma. They are considered a little safer to use than oil burners because they don’t carry a direct fire risk.

Negatives: they are much more expensive and not as easy to come by (unless you shop online of course). They are powered by electricity so there is a risk of electric shock – they should not be used in bathrooms or within reach of children or pets. The can be quite brittle so may break easily making them a little more tricky to travel with.


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