Procedure of Custom Ceramic Items

Shenzhen Mango Ceramic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of custom ceramic products. We can produce new items in porcelain, stoneware and dolomite. Products for development include dinnerware, ornaments, serving pieces, candy dishes, vases, clocks, mugs, cookie jars, coffee and tea sets, souvenir and premium products. Our factories can provide your shapes both undecorated or decorated using overglaze, underglaze or inglaze colors either silk screened, decaled or hand-painted. 

Our goal is to locate items that fulfill our customers’ need. Custom shapes can be executed based on customers' samples or drawings. We work with commercial artists and we employ full time sculptors to help develop our customers' designs. 

We handle all stages of product development including manufacturing, shipment, customs clearance, payment of import duties and delivery to the customer if needed. New products require certain production minimums and require sample development costs. New products generally require the following steps:

    1. Submission of samples or drawings for quotations. 
    2. Production of samples for approval. 
    3. Approval of samples prior to manufacturing. 
    4. Manufacturing and delivery.


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