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Who we are Shenzhen Mango Ceramics Co,. Ltd is a collection of development, design, manufacture and sales of ceramic products. Our factory has a full set of advanced ceramics producing equipment, a group of skilled workers and strict quality assurance system. In order to expand the business both for domestic market and overseas market, Mango Ceramic moved the headquarter to Shenzhen, and established Shenzhen Mango Ceramics Co.,Ltd in 2011. Right now we have experienced R&D team continiously loading more and more ceramic items for tableware, creative giftware and promotional items all year round. Please feel free to contact us for more surprising ideas! What we do *We are OEM/ODM focused, produce products for you based on your artwork and design *Provide solution...



Contact: Alice Tan / Sales Dept.

Phone: +86 18620394320

Tel: +86 755 21615628

Email: sales@mangoceramics.com

Add: 3rd floor, E Building, TCL Industrial Park, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

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